Funding for the development of the Alexandria Digital Library middleware and the ADEPT Virtual Learning Environment, under the NSF DLI2 initiative, has now ended. Future support for enhancement and dissemination of the operational library infrastructure will be provided by the Davidson Library UCSB. ADL technology will be the starting point for designing a distributed geospatial library network funded by the Library of Congress Digital Preservation Initiative. Please see for more information.

The educational evaluation component of the DLI2 project continued into 2005, and further work on the ADEPT software and its broader deployment are under way via a joint U.S. (NSF) and U.K. (JISC) funded project: DialogPlus - Digital Libraries in Support of Innovative Approaches to Learning and Teaching in Geography.

Knowledge Organization Systems
   Formalization of the structure and services of Knowledge Organization Systems and integration of KOS into digital libraries. Work includes gazetteer development, thesaurus development, protocols for access to distributed KOS, KOS as components of digital learning environments, and incorporating free-standing KOS into Digital Library services.

Gazetteer Development

A major focus of the Alexandria Digital Library Project has been the design and development of digital gazetteers, including:

All ADL Gazetteer activities are accessible through the ADL Gazetteer Development webpage.

Thesaurus Development

The ADL Feature Type Thesaurus (FTT) was developed to classify gazetteer entries by type (e.g., buildings, lakes, populated places). This page also provides links to hierarchical, alphabetical, and tagged copies of the thesaurus content. You can view the Metadata that describes the FTT. Details about the development of the FTT are contained in an article published in D-Lib Magazine: Hill, L. L., Frew, J., & Zheng, Q. (1999). Geographic names: The implementation of a gazetteer in a georeferenced digital library. D-Lib (January 1999).

The ADL Object Type Thesaurus has been developed to serve local needs to classify the contents of the ADL collections by types such as aerial photographs, maps, and remote-sensing images.

ADL Relationship Types for Gazetteers, Draft Version 2.0, 050102 has been proposed as a basic scheme for classifying the types of relationships that exist between named geographic locations, such as administrativePartOf and subfeatureOf.

KOS Protocol Development

To support the development of distributed KOS resources which are accessible through machine-to-machine query and response protocols, the ADL Project has developed a Gazetteer Protocol and a Thesaurus Protocol.

The ADL Gazetteer Protocol was developed with the collaboration of ESRI; the specification, test forms, and downloadable server code is available here.

The ADL Thesaurus Protocol specification, test forms, and downloadable server code is available here.

KOS in Digital Learning Environments

ADEPT has developed a knowledge base of strongly-structured models of scientific concepts, which can be visualized as a concept map. The concept map then serves as a visual interface for accessing libary collections in an analogous manner to the mapbrowser. See the demo for more information.

KOS as Integrated Components of Digital Library Services

The ADL Project is investigating the issues of tight integration of KOS into digital library services so that the definitions and relationships built into KOS can function as cataloging, search, and evaluation aids within the digital library software environment. A position paper addressing the general issues of such integration was presented at the 2002 Classification Research workshop at the annual conference of the American Society for Information Science &Technology:

Hill, L. L., Buchel, O., Janee, G., & Zeng, M. L. (2002, November 17). Integration of Knowledge Organization Systems into Digital Library Architectures: Position Paper. Paper presented at the Thirteenth ASIS&T SIG/CR Workshop on "Reconceptutalizing Classification Research", Philadelphia, PA.

The ADL Project's focus for 2003-2004 is to develop a detailed statement of the problem of integration from an implementation point-of-view and identify the solutions we will prototype.


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