Funding for the development of the Alexandria Digital Library middleware and the ADEPT Virtual Learning Environment, under the NSF DLI2 initiative, has now ended. Future support for enhancement and dissemination of the operational library infrastructure will be provided by the Davidson Library UCSB. ADL technology will be the starting point for designing a distributed geospatial library network funded by the Library of Congress Digital Preservation Initiative. Please see for more information.

The educational evaluation component of the DLI2 project continued into 2005, and further work on the ADEPT software and its broader deployment are under way via a joint U.S. (NSF) and U.K. (JISC) funded project: DialogPlus - Digital Libraries in Support of Innovative Approaches to Learning and Teaching in Geography.

ADL Libraries
   The centerpiece of the Alexandria Project is the Alexandria Digital Library (ADL), an online information system inspired by the Map and Imagery Laboratory (MIL) in the Davidson Library at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The ADL currently provides access over the World Wide Web to a subset of the MIL's holdings, as well as other geographic datasets.

Operational ADL Nodes

The MIL team is working with development teams throughout the world to establish a network of ADL Library nodes in which local collections can be added and maintained. We're proud to include the following operational ADL nodes.

Map & Imagery Lab   MIL/ADL
Map & Imagery Lab, Davidson Library
University of California, Santa Barbara
Environmental Information Lab   Environmental Information Lab
University of California, Santa Barbara
New Zealand ADL   NZADL
Software Engineering Research Lab Auckland University of Technology

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