Funding for the development of the Alexandria Digital Library middleware and the ADEPT Virtual Learning Environment, under the NSF DLI2 initiative, has now ended. Future support for enhancement and dissemination of the operational library infrastructure will be provided by the Davidson Library UCSB. ADL technology will be the starting point for designing a distributed geospatial library network funded by the Library of Congress Digital Preservation Initiative. Please see for more information.

The educational evaluation component of the DLI2 project continued into 2005, and further work on the ADEPT software and its broader deployment are under way via a joint U.S. (NSF) and U.K. (JISC) funded project: DialogPlus - Digital Libraries in Support of Innovative Approaches to Learning and Teaching in Geography.


Alexandria Project Personnel

Executive Committee

Terry Smith (director)
Mike Goodchild
Larry Carver
Jim Frew
Mike Freeston


Dan Ancona
Carrie Glavich
Larry Gurrola
Greg Janée
Dave Jones
Rudolf Nottrott
Linda Rose
Peter Slaughter
Timothy Tierney
Alex Ushakov
Peg Wenke

Graduate Researchers

Leslie Champeny
Daniel Ellis
Rich Gazan
Bill Kuhn
Kristian Kvilekval
Tricia Mautone
Kelli Millwood
Mirek Riedewald
Sami Rollins
Chengyu Sun
Mike Vergeer

Davidson Library

Sarah Pritchard, University Librarian

Map and Imagery Laboratory

Mary Larsgaard
Catherine Masi
David Valentine


Amr El Abbadi
Divy Agrawal
Kevin Almeroth
Chaitin Baru
Christine Borgman
Larry Carver
Nick Faust
Jason Finley
Mike Freeston
Jim Frew
Anne Gilliland-Swetland
Mike Goodchild
Linda Hill
Greg Leazer
B.S. Manjunath
Rich Mayer
Reagan Moore
Ambuj Singh
Terry Smith
Jianwen Su
Yian Fang Wang

Office of Instructional Consultation, UCSB

Stan Nicholson, Director
Rick Johnson, Co-Director


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