Operational Alexandria Digital Library
  Operational ADL
Installing Collections in ADL
  1. Create collection-level metadata by completing the Collection-Level Metadata form in Add a Collection.
  1. Create or map item-level metadata by following instructions at the bottom of the Collection-Level Metadata form.
  2. Create the configuration files.
    The following files form a complete and coordinated set of configuration files for a collection based on a simple one-table schema. The collection directly maps (mostly collection-level) FGDC metadata to the standard ADL buckets and supports a non-ADL-standard FGDC metadata view.
    drivers.conf (annotated)
    Specifies the driver that implements the collection (in this case, the Bucket99 driver) and the collection's access control.
    bucket99.conf (annotated)
    Main Bucket99 driver configuration file.
    Report templates:
    bucket-report-template.xml (annotated)
    Template for the ADL bucket view.
    browse-report-template.xml (annotated)
    Template for the ADL browse view.
    access-report-template.xml (annotated)
    Template for the ADL access view.
    fgdc-report-template.xml (annotated)
    Template for the collection's FGDC view.
    Configuration file for the universal query translator.
  • Previously required configuration files:
  • Locate your data objects, thumbs, and browse images.

Your data objects—the actual images that you will be serving out through ADL, need to be located on a web server. You will also need a small thumb version (128 x 128 pixels) and an easy-to-view "browse" version (512 x 512 pixels).

We suggest you locate your data objects, thumbs and browse images in a directory called ../collections/your-collection-name/distribution_forms/data (thumb, browse) as shown in the ADL demo collection (see below). But if your data, browse and thumbs already exist in their native location, you may prefer to leave them where they are. In either case you will point to their location via the access.xml and browse.xml reports created above.

Once you have completed the above steps, you are ready to install your collection into an ADL weblcient.

To install your collection in ADL standalone webclient:

  1. Download latest version of the webclient. Follow the Installation Instructions.
  2. Copy the configuration files created above into [tomcat]\webapps\mw_webclient_version_number_wc\WEB-INF\config\collections\your-collection-name.
  3. Go to http://localhost:8080/mwwebclient_version_number_wc/admin/configuration.jsp. You should see your collection in the list of Running Collections.
  4. Create the metadata html (just click on HTML) for your collection and note the URL.
  5. Update collection_opml.xml in [tomcat]\webapps\mw_webclient_version_number_wc\hierarchies with your collection name and location of your metadata html file.