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MIL/ADL Shared Collections with DLESE

The following links provide information about the MIL/ADL collections that are shared with DLESE:

The following links are for the six collection-level records to be shared with DLESE:

The 6 collection-metadata records from MIL/ADL may be ingested into the DLESE metadata database and may be harvested and redistributed but not sold. The metadata records are copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California (UC Regents); the records may not be sold without the written permission of the UC Regents.

In reference to persistence of data and metadata, quality-control/assurance of data and metadata, and updating: MIL/ADL is a unit of the Davidson Library, UCSB. University libraries consistently commit themselves to persistence of data and catalog records/metadata, to quality control of catalog records, and to control of data.

All materials are "Copyright 2003 UC Regents. All rights reserved."

The University of California does not take any position on DLESE policies regarding intellectual property, collections accession, collection scope, terms of use, or privacy.

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